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Speak the Word Only - Supt. Edward Calloway

Speak the Word Only - Supt. Edward Calloway


About the Message: On the Sunday morning, May 28, 2000, the Lord anointed the Late Superintendent Edward Calloway in an unusual way. Sitting in his office preparing for service, the Lord changed his message. Although it wasn’t the message that he prepared, it was the  message that was needed for healing and deliverance to take place. On that day, Pastor Calloway preached with the fire of God like never before, prophetically decreeing that miracles would take place. After preaching, he laid hands and prayed for as many people as he could before the Lord called him home to Glory. He always spoke of going home to be with Jesus while preaching the Gospel and the Lord granted request. He entered into the presence of the Lord, Speaking the Word, Praying, Rejoicing and speaking in his heavenly language.


Although he has been gone for nearly 20 years his messages are as current

today as it was when he first preached it. Whatever you’re facing SPEAK THE WORD ONLY!    

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